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Highschool DxD season 01

Author: Anonymous

It was Absolutely brilliant!

That was a "outburst" start but i really enjoyed this first season. It was filled with the expected comedy and sexiness expected from an ecchi. Other than the amazing visual art and epic fight scenes, I really did enjoy the plot of this season. 

For the girls it might be a little discriminating (this coming from a guy) but you will enjoy it too. It has an excellent balance or comedy and romance for you too enjoy.


Author: Timekeeper


"It's not about a man's appearance or even what's on the inside. My policy is to judge a man by his actions."

-Kuroh Yatogami​

I honestly don't know how I decided to watch this. When I came across it, it was around 4am on a Sunday morning and I couldn't sleep. And at the time I had two choices: watch a random show on Netflix or watch political commentators bicker about bathroom rights. Guess which one I chose?

No Game No Life

Author: Timekeeper


"There's more than one way to win a game."

Before I even scratch the surface of this show, I will tell you that my initial expectations of this series were very low. And thankfully this series did not disappoint like another series I had poor initial expectations of. Now that I've said that, let's get to actually talking about the subject: No Game No Life.