Angel Beats! (Kirbyfan66)

Author: Kirbyfan66


Angel Beats!, one of the more popular animé in recent memory, is a 2010 series from Key Visual Arts, the same company behind Kanon, Air, and animé classic Clannad. Unlike most of their other works, though, this one was not originally a visual novel, meaning that they had no foreground to work with – everything was completely original this time. While popular, that isn't a sign of quality, so the question must be asked: Is Angel Beats! good?

Izetta The Last Witch

Author: Vladnyx

Just recently I finished "Izetta The Last Witch". I have to say my initial take jumping in was a skewed one. Given the era and setting of this story taking place in a semi-modern alternate universe of World War II I was expecting to be treading upon eggshells. The fact of how actual real world events transpired during WWII this really can make things uncomfortable. Somehow by namesake alone I was intrigued enough to watch this series. Now lets jump into the review shall we.

===!!!!!Spoiler Warning!!!!!===


Author: Timekeeper


"It's not about a man's appearance or even what's on the inside. My policy is to judge a man by his actions."

-Kuroh Yatogami​

I honestly don't know how I decided to watch this. When I came across it, it was around 4am on a Sunday morning and I couldn't sleep. And at the time I had two choices: watch a random show on Netflix or watch political commentators bicker about bathroom rights. Guess which one I chose?