Toradora! (Azraled)

Author: Azraled


Before I begin this, I have always had a soft spot for tsundere characters. This being said, I can not help but make my stupid happy noises as I watch Toradora. Playing with my heart strings and making me just fall in love and wish my life was an Anime. This being said, it is also not without its faults, but we will get into that later.

Hello! I am Azraled and I LOVE ROMANCE ANIMES. Romance animes are really becoming hit or miss with most of the community, at least from the few people I've talked to about it.

The story is set in a pretty average Japanese high school with all your main characters, with none of them too out of the ordinary with an interesting twist in the plot line as our two main characters do not like each other. But the main characters like each others best friends. Coming to this realization the main characters decide to team up for each others benefit in getting each others best friends to fall for them. With this information all sorts of crazy adventures ensue as all four of them become close friends, adding a fifth character into the mix in what JustDubs likes to call a "Love Polygon". Half of this plot could be similar to "School Days" but that piece of trash is no where even near as entertaining or interesting as Toradora. WITH MUCH LESS HEADLESSNESS.

All the traditional tropes that I hope you all know by now are usually pretty straight forward, and you know how the character is going to be for the duration of the anime. In Toradora, the creators decided to let all the tropes bleed over into one another, making the Main Character an OCD freak by making him want to clean everything and organize everything. Also he has an extremely scary appearance, to the point that his classmates think he is a psychopath. Our other main character you would consider a traditional Tsundere character, but what makes me so happy is that not often do I actually get to see the warm loving side of these types of Characters. I think this is where Toradora really hits home for me, in the clever crossovers into each characters tropes. That is the best way I can explain Toradora without getting into spoilers. Full of fun characters who are fun to watch, with most of the animation being talking. (We are talking about a romance anime here, there is going to be a lot of talking.) But whenever the animation is good, IT IS REALLY GOOD.

I won't say that everyone will like this anime, but for people who liked heavy fantasy romance anime, such as Angel Beats or anything by Key, you will more than likely enjoy it. This isn't for everyone but I LOVED IT. My enjoyment came from the fact that I actually got to see the END OF IT. Most romance anime just leaves the ending hanging for you to fill in the gaps and come up with your own conclusion of the story and that drives me NUTS. I want to see the ending and guess what Toradora did! IT ENDED. So I couldn't be happier with it. It wasn't the best ending but hey, I am satisfied with it! DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS.

Overall I would recommend watching it if you enjoy Tsundere characters, love triangle, polygon...things... and a romance that actually HAS AN ENDING. If you are not into Romance, or Tsundere can be a little to much for you, then maybe you won't like it. Sometimes it's a little overbearing and sometimes the plot is just a little too convenient. Over all I had a great time watching it and I think it is at least worth looking into for anyone interested in the Romance Genre. I awarded it an 8 on myanimelist.!

Thanks for reading!