Author: Lince


Steins;Gate is a masterpiece. Anyone who says otherwise without giving you definitive proof of some kind of bad plot hole or character stretch is simply a hater. Don't try to reconcile with them, cause they don't deserve to enjoy what this anime has to offer.

I really can't describe the experience of watching Steins;Gate, you've just gotta do it. If you don't do it, you're missing out.

Story: [10/10]

It's great. Time-travelling and shit, confusing things and shit, Moeka's sexy body and shit. What's not to like?

But in all seriousness though, Steins;Gate takes you through some incredible plot developments. From the chaotic, to the emotional, this anime will tug at your emotions at will, and there's nothing you can do about it. I'm not saying you're going to cry, but you're along for the ride, and there's nothing you can do about it.

The plot revolves around this mad scientist dude named Okabe Rintarou who somewhat accidentally invents a time machine that can send text messages through time. Of course, they use it and hi-jinks ensues, with things changing in the world little by little. But when things change too much, things get dicey. It has the perfect balance of laughs and serious moments to keep you hooked, and a great set of characters to keep you entertained.

Characters: [10/10]

Steins;Gate really does have a special group of characters. Mayuri is the only annoying one, but who cares, cause I have Moeka to drool over

The characters really feel special because they all feel genuine. It's the biggest compliment you can get from me. Every character felt like they were there for the sake of the story, not for the sake of the viewer. You got Makise Kurisu, a young science prodigy who helps Okabe, Mayuri Shiina who really is just a plot device, Daru the fat otaku who's got a knack for computers, Kiryu Moeka, a sexy as fuck character that is preventing me from going anywhere beyond that due to spoilers, Urushibara Ruka, who I would fuck no matter what gender he/she is, and some other characters whose names escape me. I don't know, check MAL. They're all good.

Trust me, the characters are great

Animation: [9/10]

I was really tempted to write "Who cares" here like I usually do, but that wouldn't do this series justice. The characters have got some funny looking eyes that you could just get lost in, and the colors overall really give this anime a science like feel with the abundance of grey and silver design choices.

Sound: [9/10]

Umm... I skipped the opening and ending themes. To be quite honest, the entire OST for me feels forgettable. But the voices acting is amazing. It easily takes the cake here in the sound section. Every single characters has seemingly a perfectly matched voice, as if the character was designed with the voice in mind. This anime can really make you appreciate what good voice acting can do to the characters and what it can do to the story.

Final Rating: [9.5/10] [10/10 on MAL]

This review doesn't do Steins;Gate justice. It's way better than I made it sound. Personally though, it's not my genre of choice. But I still recognize the amazing production value you have here. Go watch it right now!