Shiki (VeritasOdiumParit)

Author: VeritasOdiumParit


This is another one of those 'one of the greatest' for me. This is perhaps one of the best horror stories ever told. It is presented in such a way that it's not very predictable, and the plot actually has a point to it. Rather than just trying to entertain the viewers, which it still does very well. So what is about Shiki that appeals to me? I believe it's the great animation, soundtrack, dubbed voice acting, and the overall plot.

The animation is pretty and very attractive to the eye. A lot of the characters have silly hair styles, but if you can look past how ridiculous their hair looks you can still take the story very seriously. The backgrounds are very well done and paint a panoramic scene of a mountain town/village.

The soundtrack is a little cheesy and a little repetitive as you will start to hear the same piece of music every time there is a revelation about what's going on. Both of the opening themes used are catchy and get you hyped up and ready for each episode.

The dubbed cast did a great job with this anime. I enjoyed everyone's voices (except for the children, as their voices were rather irritating to listen to). But, overall everyone puts on a believable performance and you feel like you are there and in the moment as you feel their emotions.

Last, but not least the plot. This is another series that is very difficult to explain the plot without spoiling the rest of the anime for everyone else. So it starts out with Megami who is a very moody teenager and is incredibly bored of her village life and detests everyone. Except Natsuno who also hates village life. Then a strange turn of events occur as Megami is found dead after walking up to the castle at the top of the hill where a new family has moved in. From here the plot becomes more difficult to describe without spoiling it. But, there is a mystery surrounding the circumstances of how Megami died. Who or what made her ill? Why did she die? What will happen to the rest of the village?

Because, I cannot spoil the rest of the plot I cannot say how much more interesting the anime becomes. Especially seeing as you are not introduced to other characters in the first episode. You meet them gradually and their personalities develop with each episode.