School Days (Azraled)

Author: Azraled


After watching the series/all the other movies (Which I couldn't even get through the last one because I felt like a dumb dumb for even trying to watch it.) School Days. I.... I... I just can't even. I just couldn't even bear through seeing this last movie when I realized that I am an idiot for watching the entire thing. The whole show is just stupid, but hey! It's leading up to a "dark" conclusion that doesn't even come close to comparing to Elfin Lied, or other gory ass brutal anime.

Like hey, let's build up this relationship and make the entire anime pretty boring, leading up to the last episode FOR THE MIND SCREW!!!!!~ The ending is great if you like gore and screwed up harem stories, (for either of the 21 endings of the video game that i will never take pleasure in ever, ever playing). But the entire series just as a whole really isn't worth watching just for the ending.

If you are looking at this right now it is for obvious reasons, and I will put a spoiler tag anyway just in case you haven't heard of this anime and plan on watching it ((/wrists)) (Oh zombie Jesus never watch it, literally just look up the screwed up endings on youtube and you will understand the entire thing, then you can put it on your animelist as "watched", because that is literally all you need to know about it.) You hopefully know what the ending is, so i am not even worried about spoilers but i will put it under a spoiler tab anyway. Just in case you think about wasting your time on this anime.


Just a lot of moaning of the main character(s) either screwing or stabbing each other in the back/neck/head/chest, of what the hell ever ending you get. For the dumbest main character ever who is just a stupid nerd that just wants to touch boobs. (oh he gets stabbed in the chest, and his head is put in a bag, who (girl#2 shows to girl#1 to say, IF I CAN'T HAVE HIM NO ONE WILL HEHEHEHEAHEHAHEHAH.) WHAT AN EPIC ENDING, LOTS OF DAMN DRAMA.

Don't waste your time watching this piece of trash. Just watch the "School Days, In About 30 Seconds" on youtube and you will be able to say you watched the entire series(already said this, but I cannot stress enough how true this is.) God I can't believe I wasted 4 hours of my life watching this piece of work. The camera angles in this anime are terrible, they just randomly for no reason at all put the anime into panorama mode for let me say again, NO REASON. Randomly showing characters sideways, with god awful crappy camera work. (How the hell do you have crappy camera work in an anime if you even gave a slight effort?! I mean you drew the damn thing.) I have no idea why yhey would put such terrible camera angles in this anime, maybe for distraction? Possibly for some sort of weird messed up fan service? (Which isn't even messed up in the first place.) It is just annoying and makes no sense whatsoever. One of the character's mothers was put into the anime FOR 5 DAMN SECONDS. Apparently in the manga she was a prominent character, the animators of the show said, eh screw it lets stick her behind a wall and give her one line of dialog so we don't have to pay the voice actor! WHAT A GREAT IDEA, putting this into the series (even referencing the character for a 5 second dialog was pointless.) It just shows how poorly the anime was produced, which pretty much tells you that the animation team has been paid (cough cough, probably pennies,) to do the worst job possible. The only time I ever noticed the animation become even remotely sub par is when some boobs were bouncing around, pointlessly might I add. Actually I can't say that was the only time the animation got better from "worse than Naruto filler of "Naruto" and "friends" catching butter flies in a field for no reason." Was the ending.



Now did school days need great animation? A sub par art style? Along with all that mixed up repetitive character design and awful ass directing, in my personal opinion make this entire anime feel EXTREMELY, cheaply produced. After doing a (tiny) bit of research, I immediately started laughing hysterically due to it having 41 songs in a 12 episode anime. (Attack on Titan had only 16 different songs in it.) But why the hell does this anime need 41 songs in it? It felt like I was listening to the same 3-4 songs the whole time. Oh and they all had the same 2 sound effects in them. OH I KNOW WHY THE ANIMATION IS CRAP! They spent all their money on the underwhelming music! Which I literally thought were only a few songs until I looked up the stupid School Days Album.

Overall, don't waste your time unless you like really slow, slow, slow, GOD IT IS SLOW, anime. I don't even know what more to say, sorry for being harsh, but I am so angry for wasting my time on this anime. It was recommended to me by a friend who said "oh you like messed up stuff!". But what he didn't tell me is the entire thing, until you finally get to episode 12 ((the ending)) reminded me of highly emotional high school girls who all like having sex with the same guy. (Or getting hilariously raped by some random jerk hanging out in the girls locker room.) When I say hilariously raped I can't even begin to tell you how unbelievable and stupid it is. Just.... man..... Don't watch this unless you like stupid sex stories. (That are not hentai, and everyone screwing the main character.)


The main character also gets mad because all the girls quit screwing him because he got a girl pregnant, pretty much the ending is the most, unbelievable, giant piece of emotional trash I have ever seen. It is literally a gigantic, "i had an abortion", "I raped a girl", I screwed the entire highschool." "Everyone hates me so I am going to get murdered."

I was so exhausted by the end that I was just praising the gods and deities that it was finally over.

So my overall consensus.......


School days..... SUCKS (obviously my opinion, I have talked to a few people that consider this a masterpiece).......Random occurrences all being way to convenient for the plot to just keep chugging along. I honestly gave up on episode 7 and just blindly hated everything while not realizing until the end that the animators purposely made me angry as possible with its idiotic cast of characters. Leading me to believe this is the worst anime of all time. Just kidding! This anime looks like crap, it sounds like crap, the story is crap. But hey there are worse anime out there obviously, but School Days definitely leans closer to best, of the best of garbage, I would say 95% of other animes are better than this one.