Knights of Sidonia

Author: blaze1514


Plot Overview
The story takes place in the far future after a race of shape-shifting alien creatures called Gauna destroy our solar system. We then get to look at how humanity has adapted while under constant threat posed by both the Gauna and the harsh environment that is space. The Sidonia is a large spacecraft that serves as possibly the last haven of humanity. It makes a very interesting setting in this story as well. All of this put together would have me saying "Yes" to anyone who asks if this should be watched based on story.

Character Analyses
There are many characters in this series, there's so much to say about all of them, therefore I am only going to specifically talk about 3. These three seemed to have the most screen time and relevance.
First is the protagonist Nagate Tanikaze. He was raised deep in the subsystems of the ship, which are all but practically abandoned now. He spends most of his time with his grandfather, and training on an old Gard (mech) simulator. His skill combined with the endless amount of practice makes him extremely apt at the real thing.
Next is what seems to be the main love interest. Izana Shinatose, an asexual cadet who befriends the protagonist and helps him adapt to life in the surface sectors. Finally there is the love conflict Shizuka Hoshijiro. She is a cadet that befriends the protagonist and helps him adapt to life in the surface sectors. Now I am sure you noticed that I stated the same for both of them, that is because its harder to get anymore specific than that. These characters are somewhat rounded, so its not as easy to get a true read on the characters because they are not just flat and basic. Especially while avoiding later plot points.
I welcomed the added dimension to what are normally bland stereotypes. Even with some of these stereotypical traits still present, it was enough of a change that they felt human. As such, I say yes to characters as well.

The animation style for Knights of Sidonia is different. It is done entirely out of CG, and resembles something you might see in an Appleseed movie mixed with a 90's dystopian punk show. However because the whole series is CG, it isn't jarring. Once you get used to the fact that it is CG, you should be fine. However because of peoples tendencies to dislike the visual appeal of CG works, I would have to give the animation a "no".

The dub for this anime works well. The dub team did a very good job, especially considering that Netflix had never localized anything before. They seemed to nail it on the head, lets hope that they keep it up with any future projects.
The music in this anime isn't bad. I didn't once think that it was unappealing while listening to it. However with that said, it is very forgettable. I am having a hard time remembering any of the music. None of it really stood out to me, and that is a problem. Add that to the OP and ED's also forgettable tracks, and you have a very forgettable sound backing.
I normally hold the music in higher regard than the dub, however since there are so few dubs that work as well as this one, I would give the sound a "yes".

I found myself unable to stop watching this show once I started it. Something that hasn't happened in a long time. Every episode gave me just enough to want more. I watched the whole series in 2 days, and cannot wait for a second season. So with enjoyment I will simply state "yes".

TL,DR: This show comes highly recommended at 4 out of 5. If you enjoy sci-fi in general. It may not be for everyone, but many will definitely enjoy it.