Kanon (2006)

Author: AmatureManga


Ok so this is my first review i've ever written so bear with me. Here is my review of the Key anime Kanon (2006):

Art quality: 8/10
Animation : 10/10
Story: 9/10
Tear jerker: 2/10 ( i'll explain later)

Ok so the first thing  you'll notice about Kanon is the 2006 in parenthesis the reason is because in my research i learned that the original Kanon was never actually released in the US so this Kanon is basically a revamped version or alternate version i've never seen the original so i can't really say what's alternate about it.

The story follows Yuuichi Aizawa who has returned to his aunts house after transferring to the same school his cousin Nayuki goes to. It's been 7 years since he was last staying at his aunts house. And his memories of the events that occured 7 years ago seemed to have vanished. As he attends school he meets and makes several friends. And even gets into a couple of relationships.

As a Key anime you can expect some sad scenes but unlike Clannad, Kanon won't really make you cry all that much. In fact during my watching of Kanon sure i felt sad but unlike Clannad i didn't feel tears coming. which is why i rated it 2 on a tear jerker scale meaning it will make you sad but you won't cry unless your a very emotional person that is.

Art wise it's basically your normal anime art there is nothing artwise that sets it apart from other animes in fact one of the characters Kitazawa bears a striking resemblance to Clannad's Sonohara and even personality and the voice actor is exactly the same.

The animation was really good in my opinion i didn't notice any skipped frames and the reuse the same frames the animation really set it's self apart from other animes in my opinion.

Overall i give Kanon an 8.5 highly recommend it especially if you've seen other Key animes.