Author: Timekeeper


"It's not about a man's appearance or even what's on the inside. My policy is to judge a man by his actions."

-Kuroh Yatogami​

I honestly don't know how I decided to watch this. When I came across it, it was around 4am on a Sunday morning and I couldn't sleep. And at the time I had two choices: watch a random show on Netflix or watch political commentators bicker about bathroom rights. Guess which one I chose?

So because I chose the former, I came across K (or K Project) and I've seen a small amount of media of this, but not enough to really get a grasp of understanding on what it's about.



The story for K gives me a bit of a reminder of Eden of the East: young boy around his 20's has amnesia and is exposed to a bunch of stuff that he was involved in that gets him involved again in a bunch of crap. Now at first K's story may seem like it's jumping around from place to place with no real aim in store, but I assure you that by the final episode (mostly all of) the plot threads are tied up together and explained. Maybe a few unanswered questions, but a decent story I suppose.


The characters for the series present a bit of variety, but honestly a lot of them are just 100% serious and not much else. With the three main characters, you have the standard protagonist, the (somewhat) overpowered partner, and the bubbly sidekick who accompanies them. With the two warring sides, you have the Blue clan which is mostly serious and organized and the Red clan which is anger-prone and full of hoodlums. My biggest irritant with K is the fact that they mention seven clans slugging it out, but only show half in detail, briefly mention a few, and don't even mention others. Maybe it'll be mentioned in future installments?


There really isn't much to complain about either the art or animation. I suppose if anything I would give special mention to some of the CGI and 3D effects that the use in the more climatic and suspenseful scenes that give the art and animation a more realistic look compared to the rest of the show. But as for the majority, I can't say anything horrible or excellent about it.


The tracks for K are decent at best, but once again, there's not really any special mention of tracks that make it memorable outside of the opening theme. Nothing that would want me to hop onto YouTube and frantically search for the track that I couldn't get enough of. I guess that may be because the main composer for the pieces in K, Mikio Endo, hasn't really established himself in the anime industry (or at least not in my opinion).

As for the dub, I did watch it since it was available on Netflix. Dubbed by Viz Media, I was expecting the dub to be either hot or cold. But in all honesty, I actually thought the dub for this show was above par with all-star voice actors like Sam Riegel, Matt Mercer, and Stephanie Sheh preforming the lead roles and other all-star voice actors such as Johnny Yong Bosch and Patrick Seitz starring in it as well, each performing their role with no issue in my opinion.


The only things I can really say that would deter people from watching this series would be the fact that the pacing for the show takes its sweet time and takes quite a while to cut to the chase and that some of the questions from the first series have yet to be answered. However, upon further inspection I realized that the second season had also been licensed by Viz Media, which may bring hope to a home release for those in the West. So would I recommend this to you? It's definitely not a bad series, but you may need to trudge a bit through quite a few episodes to actually piece things together. But if you can do that, then sure, I'd recommend it.


If you'd like me to review a show, go ahead and comment down below and I'll see what I can do so long as it's not an extremely bulky series (Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece, etc.) ^_^