Highschool DxD season 01

Author: Anonymous

It was Absolutely brilliant!

That was a "outburst" start but i really enjoyed this first season. It was filled with the expected comedy and sexiness expected from an ecchi. Other than the amazing visual art and epic fight scenes, I really did enjoy the plot of this season. 

For the girls it might be a little discriminating (this coming from a guy) but you will enjoy it too. It has an excellent balance or comedy and romance for you too enjoy.

For any chess players (like me) this is a must see series as plot is based on the strategy game we all love. But just a little more epic. (A lot more actually)

For the pervy old men and Horny teenage boys, you will not be disappointed. You will be seeing enough hot anime and naked breasts to Do what ever you would wanna do. LOL.

Back to the main point. This Series is just about for everyone (Obviously NOT EVERYONE but any one of age. It is Ecchi. HELLO) to enjoy. Take a look and write a review yourself. Its good to have multiple opinions but In my opinion; In a scale of 1 to 10, Highschool DxD season 01 is Rewarded a brilliant 8.

Well Done!