Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends (S1)

Author: Lince

Haganai. Yippee /sarcasm. I can smell overrated anime from a mile away. One character apparently is enough to warrant an entire second season for an anime. Noted, so next time I try to write an anime idea, I'll make sure I focus specifically on one character and make him/her so full to the brim with obvious traits and qualities that will appeal to the intended audience. You know what, I'm starting with the characters this time. I gotta get this off my chest.

Characters: [4/10]

Sena [or meat, whatever the hell her name is] annoys me for the simple reason that she's a walking billboard. When I look at her list of qualities, it bugs me. Beautiful, has a pretty blue butterfly accessory in her hair, plays video games, likes eroge novels, and has tsundere qualities. Yea, I get it. The writers want this character to appeal to the male audience. But what annoys me is exactly that; she's a walking billboard for the male audience. It's as if she exists solely to sell merchandise and be adored by male viewers. Not that I haven't seen this before, but this time particularly irks me because of the wasted potential. This anime had me siding with Sena.
I really did feel sorry for her after everything that the other bitch was doing to her [Main girl, don't want to remember her name]. But I really didn't wanna side with anyone cause Sena didn't feel genuine. She felt like a plastic character made to sell shit and make the anime more popular. Good marketing strategy, bad character, wasted opportunity. That's my verdict.

Bitch character [Other main girl that's not Sena] was just that, a total bitch. I hated every moment she was on screen. I wanted her to die honestly. Unless things have drastically changed since the first season, you'll agree with me.

Everyone else was just... useless. Multi-eye colored girl was a nice touch of abnormality that ultimately goes unnoticed due to everyone else, which is really a shame.

Main character was main character. Voiced by Jerry Jewell. That's about it.

Story: [5/10]

I shoulda put this first, cause this is exactly the kind of anime that I wish we got every so often, and not all the fucking time. The rom-com genre is practically dead; let's be real here. You really can't find that much originality anymore. Either you get a cliche piece of garbage that tries to whittle it's way through a shitty beginning that they CLEARLY didn't plan out [Sakurasou no pet na Kanojo], or an average rom-com that survives off of changing little things to make you think you're watching something different, but you're really not.

And then there's the good rom-com's who have a great main character and supporting characters that do just that, support the main character. If you're reading this review, go watch an anime called Love Comedy [This isn't the full name of the anime, but it's the part everyone remembers]. It's way better than this. Haganai has nothing that you wouldn't expect. It doesn't have as many obligatory cliches as you would think it does, and that helped me to finish it, but it still felt like a drag.

It may sound like I'm really shitting on this anime, but not everything is bad. The other characters, although useless, are a good distraction from the shitstorm that is the two main girls. The pacing is decent, not too slow and not too quick, and the characters look great, just to name a few things.

Animation: [9/10]

It's good. This isn't the kind of animation that "Who cares" can do justice for. The characters look good. I gotta give them credit.

Sound: [6/10]

Jerry Jewell, the man himself, voied the mc.

Other than that, I've got nothing. I skipped the opening and ending themes. I didn't need anything increasing the amount of time I was watching this.

I don't remember the other voices either. Oh well. I'm sure they're decent. I don't remember having any particular problems with voices.

I don't really remember the OST either. If it was great, I would remember it, and if it sucked I would remember it, so it's probably decent.

Final Rating: [6/10]

This is an anime that haters really wanna give too much shit, that I'm proud to say I stand in the middle. There's some good moments and it's somehwat worthy of the exposure it got. I just don't like the way it got it's exposure. I honestly felt like I was watching a sell out anime, made to sell copies instead of being made to tell a decent story. I get it. Anime companies have got to make money. But that doesn't change the fact that it kept me from enjoying it. We'll agree to disagree I guess.

If you're looking for a romantic comedy to watch, I'd definitely recommend Love Comedy over this. It has a much better main character and is better in almost every aspect from this one.