Girls Bravo

Author: Lince


You want boobs? Well we’ve got ‘em! It’s MrLincecum here and I’m back with another review. This time Girls Bravo takes the stand, and let me get one thing clear, I’m going to judge this anime differently than I judge other anime. Girls Bravo is not the type of anime you can classify with other “romance” anime simply because... well... very little can say with truth that the romance is the reason they watched this anime [Myself included]. But with that said, this anime boasts a surprising amount of fun. I’ve seen things happen in this anime that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in any other anime. It doesn’t just show you what you want to see and leave it at that. It goes that little extra step in both the comedy element and even the “story arc” has a little life in it. With those tidbits, let’s get right into Girls Bravo!


So the anime is basically about this dude who has some kind of allergic reaction or something to girls and breaks out in hives when they go near him or something [If you can’t tell, I’m doing this from memory]. But then this one girl with pink hair and big boobs shows up and takes him to her world or something like that and then suddenly he’s cured but then she gets stuck in his world and they have to do stuff to get her back with this other girl who also has big boobs while they’re being chased and harassed both mentally and sexually by this Fukuyama guy…

In short, you’ll forget it in about a week. It’s been a while since I last watched GB, but if a story arc is good, I remember it 99% of the time. It’s just plain forgettable since nobody goes into this anime expecting a good story; they just want boobs… lots and lots of boobs…

But the “plot” does take some interesting twists at points. The characters do things and go places that I really haven’t seen in other anime. I mean come on, Mud Wrestling! How many times have you seen that in anime? There’s plenty more where that came from. Believe me, for an ecchi anime, the plot is better than one may expect just because of the locations and the different things the characters do. It’s not just the same old types of scenes washed up over and over again [Beach scenes, the annoying accidental walking into another changing room, etc.]. I think this anime has scenes like that, but it doesn’t rely on them to keep the plot moving like I’ve seen with some other ecchi flicks.

In ecchi terms, this is about as ecchi as it can get [Excluding borderline H anime like Yosuga no Sora]. You rarely go an episode without one of the characters being either completely naked or coming close to being completely naked. There’s even a little lesbian sub-plot which is one of the more memorable “romances” [if you could even call it that] in the anime. But trust me on this when I say that it appeals to all audiences despite its R+ rating. I watched this when I was 14, and I noticed how stupid it was then and there [Thinking back on it now, this is the first ecchi anime I’ve ever watched actually…]. So don’t go crazy if you find out your 13 year old brother has been sneaking into your secret ecchi stash every once in a while for some GB action. It’s normal :]

The plot probably won’t grab anyone’s attention. But how do the characters hold up?


I’m going to come out and say it, thank god for Fukuyama! I don’t know how many times I’ve watched an ecchi anime, and the characters are so knee deep in their own stupidity that they can’t see an opportunity when it’s given to them. Fukuyama, however, doesn’t wait for opportunities, he creates them; sometimes doing things as simple as walking up behind a girl and fondling her out of the blue. This is not only a huge plus for ecchi fans, but he also furthers the story by adding his antics and comedy to the anime. I’ll be honest, I used to hate Fukuyama. My 14 year old honor code kept me from liking him simply because I had simply been unable to separate reality from anime, so my real life opinions about sexual harassment kept interfering with my anime opinions [That… and I was a little jealous]. But after you get older you learn to appreciate just how much GB would suck without him.

Yep. I just had a whole paragraph about Fukuyama. This paragraph is where I’d put information about the other characters… if they were memorable! I have little tidbits of recollection of certain characters in my mind, but not enough to make it look like I actually remember them [Remember, I’m doing this from memory to see just how well I remember them after letting age for a bit, which is one of the ways I evaluate their effectiveness as a character]. In short, you’ll remember Fukuyama, but that’s about it. The main character [Yukinari I think] is knee deep, the main heroine [Miharu I think] is the overused ditzy airhead who you’ve probably seen in countless other ecchi anime, the side characters don’t leave much of an impression [With the exception of the chest size], and the characters themselves really don’t stick with you through time. BUT… the characters as a group are really energetic and fun. So you may not remember characters individually, but you’ll certainly remember them as a group.

You’ve either accepted or disregarded the plot, and you’ve heard my rant on the characters, can the animation score some points?


The animation is somewhat older. You don’t get all the high detail angles and skin textures you usually get with modern day ecchi anime, but the animation is not terrible to the point where it loses its effect on the viewer. I really can’t say much about the animation besides the fact that they did a solid job at being good enough to keep the viewer “interested.” In general, the anime just looked well put together. It’s not perfect, but I don’t see any reason to complain. The characters looked well drawn, and the scenery was okay. In short, you won’t have to worry about [email protected] animation.

So you’ve made it this far… well then. To the audio!


I’m going to say something I think I haven’t said in a long time. I enjoyed the English dub. It was actually pretty good and the characters voices seemed to match the character perfectly. It was probably the most memorable part about the characters since mostly you’re just sitting there staring at their boobs the whole time while you hear them talk, while mindlessly not paying attention to what they’re talking about. Makes sense if you think about it .

Opening and closing themes… I can’t remember them. So don’t think they’re songs that you’d remember after a while unless you add them to a playlist or something. The inner anime soundtracks help to advance the mood and I don’t feel I’ve ever had any problem with them. So in short, the audio is pretty solid. It’s good, but not great.

Closing Notes:

Well, that’s Girls Bravo from my perspective. Girls Bravo is an ecchi wonderland for anyone who’s been looking for an ecchi anime with some balls to back it up. Trust me, there’s a reason people recommend this time and time again when the ecchi topic comes up. Believe me, it’ one of the better ones. This is because it gives you what you came for; boobs, girls, boobs, boobs, lesbians, boobs, a passable background story that you really won’t care about but still know it’s there, and Fukuyama, arguably the best character because he takes the initiative and has a healthy supply of testosterone. In short, if you’re an ecchi fan, this has to be on your list.


Plot: 6/10
Characters: 6/10
Animation: 7/10
Audio: 7/10
Genre*: 10/10
Comedy: 8/10
Averaged Overall: 7.3/10
Personal Overall: 8/10