Darker Than Black (S1)

Author: ninjadudexp


As the description suggests, not so well I might add, something happened in this world and they lost the real stars and some new ones appeared based around certain people. In order for these people to use their power they are forced into doing a bad habit, which is why they are called contractors. The series is actually a great series, it has suspenseful action, and even romance, and it also has that mystery feel to it like Death Note did, Hei is the main character he seems like all the other contractors and in the beginning it's just about him taking on missions, later in the series is when it gets better and you see the real story unfold and it's up to you to watch it.

There are a few main charaters but the only real important one is Hei. Although the story is about the incident that happened, the series ends up revolving around him completely due to something that he always questioned. In the whole series, he is trying to figure out what happened to his sister, where she went, and if she died or not. We also find out how Hei gets his powers over electricity.


The animation in the series is not amazing like you may have seen in other series such as Accel World, but it is pretty normal and has a little dark and gloomy look to it like Death Note. The style goes well with the series and all the characters are unique and look great.


Good audio for both Dubbed and Original. One of the few series i enjoy in dub over the original, and i love the theme song it was good and you can tell it would be an action show. As for character acting they all did well in playing their role.


The show does show you how Hei gets his abilities, they show you the history behind some of the main characters, and it does explain the events that caused them all to gain powers. The show was very suspenseful, I personally loved the mask Hei wore and the little two bladed sword thing he always carried. The series starts off a bit slow, (not too slow tho), but once you start hitting the end of the series you won't be able to stop watching.