Dagashi Kashi

Author: Timekeeper


"Boobs are not something you eat! You suck on them!"
-Hotaru Shidare
(What the hell else would I use for a quote? :/ )​

I swear, this anime was more plastered on my Facebook wall than those "Like, Share, and Comment if you agree!!!!" image macros that I see some of my halfwit friends share on my timeline. Every time I opened my laptop to check my Facebook, there would be something there about Dagashi Kashi. Though it was mostly from pages making posts, I did have a few friends share images of it that left me intrigued.

So here's a review of my findings: Dagashi Kashi.



Okay, to start, if you're here because you're expecting me to provide an in-depth analysis of the show's story and how it's deeper than the Mariana Trench, stop reading; it's not. Dagashi Kashi's story isn't really much of a story, but more of an educational experience. The majority of the show focuses upon learning the history, names, flavors, and sometimes manufacturing of Japanese snacks, of which the show gets part of its name from:

"Dagashi are actually sweets but a little bit different when comparing them with the usual sweets or snacks. The purpose of Dagashi (cheap snacks) is to be able to be cheap and filling. So Dagashi is a type of really popular snack for children."
-Me doing a quick Google search

As towards any story in the show, it sort of gets put on the back-burner to make way for what I stated beforehand.


Thankfully, there aren't many characters in the show to bog down the enjoyment of this series. Most of the characters are likable to an extent and have their own traits and characteristics, but there was one character that seemed to bore me to no end because of his lack of character: Kokonotsu. The reason for my disdain of him is mainly because he's just a stereotypical main character with no memorable traits or personality. It seems like he's just there because he's the main character. Out of all the characters, I would probably say that Saya or Hotaru would be the most likable characters in the show mainly because of their ability to become embarrassed easily and their overall enthusiasm respectively.


Maybe it was just me, but I didn't really feel like the animation was anything great to talk about. The art for the series was a bit above average, but not outstanding, but the animation was just decent or average. The art for the series was done by Studio Feel who, in my experience with anime, haven't headlined anything of significant mention in recent years. They have, however, assisted in some big-name series, such as Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, but that's really all I can give them mention for.


The music for this series wasn't really of special merit either. With the exception of the opening, I can't really think of any track from this series that I can distinctly remember of being noted for greatness. I suppose the music for the series is fitting, just not noteworthy.

As for the voice acting for the series, I did watch a few clips of the subtitled version, but seeing that the gracious people of this site took the liberty of uploading the 12-episode series (and that it was dubbed by FUNimation), I thought I'd give it a try. Despite all the ire this series receives for its dub, I found it surprisingly enjoyable. On a more surprising note, even though Todd Haberkorn (voice of Kokonotsu) was the only A-list voice actor in this series, he isn't the one who I would give special merit for their performance. Instead, I would give it to Sara Ragsdale (voice of Saya) who, with the exception of Red Data Girl, is performing her first lead role in an anime.


I was expecting a bit more out of this show, but I wasn't dissatisfied or crushed by this anime. Rather, I was at least happy to learn a bit more about Japanese culture than I had with previous shows. So I would definitely not recommend this to you if you're looking for an anime that has a heartstring-pulling story, but I would recommend this to you if you're looking to learn a bit more about a culture you may or may not be already familiar with.


If you'd like me to review a show, go ahead and comment down below and I'll see what I can do so long as it's not an extremely bulky series (Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece, etc.) ^_^