A Certain Scientific Railgun (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun)

Author: sayWut



Imagine a city like no other, ahead 30 years of technological advancement, consisting of several schools and districts. From kindergarten to university level, that learn side by side with scientists who research psychic power (Esper). These schools are "all Girl" schools.
Set in the wondrous Academy City before and during the early events of " To Aru Majutsu no Index". However this time, The plot concentrates on Academy City's Ace electro master the third strongest esper in Academy City, Misaka Mikoto. Joining her is angelic Kuroko Shirai , a level 4 "teleporter" and of course Misaka's " loving" roommate. We then present Kuroko's little partner in judgment "Kazari Uiharu" a level 1 Esper, alongside her is "Saten Ruiko"... Prepare for antiques, action, laughter and glory as I present to to you " To Aru Kagaku no Railgun".

Story and Characters

The wind is gaining, clouds are darkening . Something's different about Academy City these days. It seems the young team of 4 are going to need each other now more than ever. A change, a shift, a "goings on" in the Tokyo suburb of Academy City. It will be up to these 4 students to seek out and solve the upcoming events that will change the city forever. Let's hope these 4 don't get distracted with each other in the meantime..


I have seen a lot of anime (of course I have) but never have I been drawn to an anime mainly based on the characters. You will find that each character is unique , hilarious and has an extraordinary personality in their own way.

Let me bring in Misaka and Kuruko the 2 roommates, they have a very interesting relationship. Kuroko is obsessed with young Misaka, always fantasizing, basically a little bit of a "pervert".
Misaka (Biri Biri) because she attends the most pristine (prestigious?-editor's note) schools, people assume that she is a "proper lady". In actual fact, she's short tempered and very prideful. In reality, she often shows her childish and selfish side especially when Gekota merchandise is sold (Gekota is popular mascot). However Misaka has a tendency to be a solo player, when encountering dangerous events she alone will face them. When she actually needs her friends by her side.
Kazari Uiharu, the smallest in the gang and a level 1 but it doesn't stop her determined attitude. Her feisty personality comes in conflict when working with Kuroku at Judgment.
Saten Ruiko is the outgoing one, loving rumors and stories not to mention harassing little Uiharu by flipping up her skirt in public! Breezy! She has a tendency to keep secrets to the very last second, which could impact her life.
Each character is really its own, you have the passive one, the crazy ones, the badass ones and mostly likely the rest are on a completely different scale..

So let's see here, we have a very highly charged Misaka who will most likely do whatever whenever, Very closely following her (if not already on top) is Kuroko the infatuated Teleporter. Tagging a long is little determined level 1 Uhairu with no "real" esper power, and the girl pulling her skirt up behind her is Saten-san. Now this is a team!


Another great aspect of this anime is the quality the JC staff had on the animations. It really is stunning (a tiny notch down from index). Character detail is very nice, crisp, clean and fluent and if you watch the anime you'll see this for your self. For instance, bring in Uhariu, her hair is beautifully done and detailed, she has a dark black/brown short layered style with nicely detailed flowers covering the outer top. A very nice touch.
Furthermore JC staff did a great job at balancing out color and detail of actions scenes. There are very few scenes where anything is noticeably distorted. You will find that each scene in unique and they tend not to re-use scenes or copying characters.

The OP and ED song track of the show is infectious, worth a listen. For any show the opening has to be solid, hey this is what can make people watch or not watch it. "Only my railgun" is a prime example of a solid opening.
The end tracks are "Dear my friend" and "Smile You and Me". Brilliant, crisp enchanting sound. Best played after a long day at school/work.
Music in the anime, when played really ties into the scene, giving it that extra power, enhancing the mood and creating a completely different atmosphere.

Voice Acting
I found no problem with any of the voice acting, They fit the characters perfectly bringing even more life and drama to the show. Miska's voice, is perfect. A good thing too as she is supposed to be the main role in this! Her voice is very distinguishable , somewhat sharp.
The voice acting in general was superb not only was it crystal clear you could feel the emotion and passion from each actor which made the anime that much better. The actors did a fantastic job.

Animation 9.2
Voice Acting 8.5
Plot 9.3
Characters 10

I proudly give this show a 9. A must watch for any fan of anime.