Baka and Test (Stitches327)

Author: Stitches327


Baka and Test with the unique battle system they have in the series and the amazingly hilarious cast of characters, once you get started you will instantly want to watch more.


In a school where your class is determined by the grade you get on a test, the higher you score the better the class you will be placed in. Ranging from Class A with its luxurious accommodations all the way down to Class F, with its low tables, rotten mats, broken pillows and many more worn and unusable items. The students can change class equipment by competing using the Summoner Test War, students summon chibi styled characters with accompanying test scores and use them to battle other classes in order to exchange equipment and move up.


This is what you are going to love this show for, the ensuing chaos that follows the rag tag Class F on their way to the top is hilarious. Akihisa the literal poor idiot is the average anime idiot who can get things done in a pinch while still being funny. Yuuji the strategist for the class helping them win in battles with and with a cool attitude. Kouta the perverted ninja photographer that gets his shots and isn\'t hated by girls. Hideyoshi the trap, hes such a perfect trap they even gave him his own gender.The recurring females of the show are Minami the girl with a tough attitude that has on more than one occasion abused Akihisa. Himeji a shy girl with some shocking cooking skills that could take down any man and finally Shoko a terrifying young lady, who also happens to be a sadist focusing mainly on Yuuji. When you put all them together you get a cast full of hilarity and random moments.


The animations of Baka and test is quite nice, noting Hideyoshi a beautiful young boy(?)
The scenery is also very vivid, the colors are bright and alluring with a unique way of shading using bubbles. The fusion of using cute chibis and momentary serious faces is also blended perfectly. On some occasions the characters speak with one another using there chibi forms.


The opening theme for Baka and Test is fast paced and will get you ready for every episode. By the end of the season it will be stuck in your head while you hum along with the tune as it plays. The voice actors did a great job conveying the emotions for any given time be it a happy filled hilarious conversation of dramatic change of events the voices where always on point.


Baka and Test filled with its spontaneous moments, crazy characters, fun fights and nonstop comedy will have you wanting more every episode. Leaving you laughing all the until you see the credits roll.