Author: Azraled


Baccano time!

Sitting here trying to figure out how to begin this review was probably the hardest part about starting it. I have no idea where to begin and where to end the talk about Baccano. The thought of not knowing where this review would end up quickly became the perfectly ironic start for talking about this crazy, unexpectedly suave Anime.

Baccano was extremely overlooked in 2007 when it was released. By gaining no attention to a large scale audience, it slowly drifted to the island of forgotten Anime. The dub savagely yanked this dead anime out of the trashcan whenever the dub was released and gave it some much needed attention from American audiences. I have asked tons of "Anime nerds" who stumbled across me in real life if they had ever seen Baccano before or even heard of it. To this day I have never met a single person who has said yes to this question in real life, even out of my home town with the most avid Anime watchers. Almost everyone I talk to online gives me the same answer. "No." If you have actually watched Baccano, I estimate you are one in a small group of people to have actually watched the entire series.

Baccano circles around three different stories set in the 1930's, all telling the same story of three different train robberies, all simultaneously happening on the same train (Sheesh that sounds even crazier when it is typed out.) All while a group of people (who you quickly learn about) have their own agenda and goals in mind. Upon telling the story of the robberies in the first episode, the three different time lines go back to lead up to how the mess of the train robberies first came into fruition. Three different time lines which all cross back and forth on top of one another that keep the entire journey leading up to the robberies, which is confusing at first glance. It was at first confusing about what charcter was who and what was going on in the different time lines with each character, which means that it took awhile to fully catch on to the story. After understanding the fast, choppy story telling style I re-watched it to completely understand Baccano in its entirety.

A few warnings to the potential viewers, if you do not like puzzles or trying to figure out what is going on and drawing your own conclusions on Baccano, it is probably not the Anime for you. It feels like it was the entire budget for a 26 episode long anime all packed into 13 episodes and freight-trained directly down your throat for maximum pleasure. All of the characters are extremely likable in some way or another. However, the true masterpiece of this crazy unexpected work of art is that even though all the stories are confusing at first and could not possibly make a logical conclusion, it all beautifully and effortlessly fits the pieces together in a truly remarkable way that I have never experienced in any television series until watching Baccano. There are three stories being told all at once, crammed into 13 episodes. SO GIVE IT A CHANCE, and I will say it again, it might be a little confusing at first, but it turns out as an amazingly executed ending.

Action, comedy, horror, romance and plenty of blood! I was completely hypnotized and awestruck after my second watch through. Baccano literally has everything to make it a masterpiece. I have not been this impressed with an anime since the first time I watched Cowboy Bebop, nor had this much fun watching an Anime in a long time. Baccano made me start laughing one second and scared the shit out of me the next moment. In a nutshell, it has a confusing beginning and a nontraditional ending, the story quickly travels at an alarmingly fast rate towards its conclusion. Large scale events happen in such a short time, that I immediately started it back over to the first episode to better understand the entirety of the series. So much happens in such an artistic, mysterious and action packed way that missing little detail in the beginning shouldn't be uncommon. Baccano was so damn entertaining. The story made it almost impossible to find a scene where something was not advancing the storyline in some way or another, regardless of how insignificant it may have seemed at the time.

I gave the highest rating possible, and have decided that hands down this is my favorite Anime of all time. I would highly recommend this to anybody for the hilariously fun to watch thriller that I know as Baccano.