Akame ga Kill!

Author: Timekeeper


I did have a lot of hopes for this series. I sort of did. It sort of felt like I was going to watch something that I was going to reminisce to my grandchildren about watching when I turned sixty-four saying "you kids nowadays wouldn't know good TV if someone threw one at ya".

Well, honestly...this series was about as big of a letdown as another series I watched a few months ago....and that's saying a lot from me.

Okay. Let's get this over with: Akame ga Kill!



Now, before watching this I had a friend of mine saying that I would definitely enjoy this because he found a lot of similarities to a non-anime series: Game of Thrones. Which, in all honesty, it does have some aspects that make it look similar, but really, the biggest problem I saw with this show is that is could never decide upon a pace. It could go from as sluggish as a man coming back home from a four hour-long economics seminar and then as fast paced as a teenage boy rushing to his girlfriend's house after she told her that her parents weren't home. *hint hint* *wink wink*

But really the story was....mostly wrapped up? It's just in my opinion that the pacing for the grand majority of the show was a bit schizophrenic in that it could never make up its mind.

The other thing I've noticed is that the series doesn't really decide on what time period it's in. In some scenes, you see characters fighting with swords, shields, and using wagons to get around in a medieval city while in other scenes you see characters using electronics, guns, and other modern technologies. A bit of a nitpick, but it'd be nice to know as to WHEN this is happening.


Quite honestly, most of the characters of the show were likable to an extent because they all had their own unique characteristics. I say most because of the fact that there were two characters I didn't particularly care for because I sort of saw them as carbon copies of a duo of characters from another show I reviewed a little while ago: Akame and Tatsumi. My issue with them is the fact that they don't really have any personality or characteristics that jut out and scream "NOTICE ME" like a teenage girl begging for attention at a Justin Bieber concert.


The soundtrack for Akame ga Kill! doesn't really deserve any special merit or mention due to the fact that most of the tracks in the anime aren't very memorable. Even now, I can't pick a single favorite song because none of the tracks really stuck with me. I guess the only exceptions would be the two openings which I would give maybe a 6.5/10 or a 7/10 if I'm generous.

As for the dub, I think it kind of corresponds with the characters. The majority of the voice actors/actresses did a decent job, most likely getting a 7/10 at best from me, but I felt that the roles for Akame and Tatsumi weren't cast very well. But then again, this is coming from Sentai Filmworks, whose dubs I haven't been very fond of in the past few years. As for any special mentions, I don't feel that there are any because most of the actors/actresses did at best an average job.


The production for artwork comes from the studio White Fox who I've only seen a few other works by them, which are Steins;Gate and Is the Order a Rabbit?. I can't really say I have much to complain about the artwork or animation. It seems that White Fox did an average job as well with artwork and animation, but I don't feel deserves any special mention.


This series could have had much more promise. I'm not sure if the original adaptation of the series is any better, but I don't intend to go out of my way to discover if it is. Now, would I recommend this to anyone? I'd say only if the viewer has a lot of time on their hands and nothing to watch. I wouldn't avoid this series like the plague, but I wouldn't strongly recommend watching it. In other words: watch it if you're bored.


If you'd like me to review a show, go ahead and comment down below and I'll see what I can do so long as it's not an extremely bulky series (Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece, etc.) ^_^