Time: Clannad/After Story

  • 15 May 2016
  • JRAdmin

"I think if we're together, we can grow stronger."
-Nagisa Furukawa​

To anyone who knows me well, they know damn well that this review was eventually going to come. I don't exactly know what Me from the past was thinking when he decided to put this off like putting doing his taxes, but he must have been on the purest meth ever if he thought this anime was gonna be a bigger letdown than Karin.

Highschool DxD season 01

  • 7 May 2016
  • Morgan. T. Dicks (not verified)

It was Absolutely brilliant!

That was a "outburst" start but i really enjoyed this first season. It was filled with the expected comedy and sexiness expected from an ecchi. Other than the amazing visual art and epic fight scenes, I really did enjoy the plot of this season. 

For the girls it might be a little discriminating (this coming from a guy) but you will enjoy it too. It has an excellent balance or comedy and romance for you too enjoy.